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Company Profile

Imaginarium IT is a full service consultancy who supply premium IT products and services to businesses and the public.

We believe that innovation should come standard and that by customizing our products and services based on individual client needs, we not only provide the highest level of customer service but also supply creative solutions which are guaranteed to get your IT to work smarter and harder for you.

With over a decades experience in both private industry and larger government organizations, Ash and his team have both the skills and knowledge to assist you whatever you needs, whether it be a simple PC repair, to a fully custom, e-commerce enabled website or even a large office fit out and network design.

We take corporate responsibility seriously, our environmental policies, local aid programs and personalized service help us look to the future of our business, our environment and our community.

With an ever expanding knowledge of new technologies and industry standards, we are always happy to speak to our clients about innovative ways to utilize new technology and make the most of your existing IT infrastructure.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss ways we can meet your requirements.

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