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Environmental Policies

Gum Tree Forest

Being based in one of Australia most beautiful national parks, Imaginarium IT takes it environmental responsibility very seriously. That's why we have a range of environmental policies in place to help minimize our environmental impact and increase our businesses sustainability.

01We are a Carbon Neutral Green Supporter
As one of Australiaʼs leading carbon solutions providers, Carbon Neutral helps us minimise our environmental impact by working with us to help reduce our negative effects on the environment. Through supporting Carbon Neutralʼs tree plantings in one of the world's recognized biodiversity 'hotspots' we help protect Australiaʼs incredible natural wealth. The trees and shrubs that are planted are native to the area, with a biodiverse species mix to revive the landscape and recreate natural habitat for native wildlife. The tree plantings provide the added benefits of reducing salinity and erosion, and improving water quality.

As a Carbon Neutral Green Supporter, we plant a tree for every invoice raised and four trees for every custom PC sold. These trees will help to reduce the impact of our business activities on the environment. For more information on being a Carbon Neutral supporter visit www.carbonneutral.com.au

02We are moving towards being a paperless office.
All our internal communications are paperless and our external communications where possible are paperless. Our digital Job Management Systems allows the Imaginarium IT staff and clients to keep track of ordering, job progress and invoices without the need of paper filing or communications.

03Any paper that is used in our communications or packaging is recycled, CO2 neutral and FSC certified wherever possible.

04We limit our travel wherever possible. Our digital Drop-In 1 Click Support tool allows us to perform repairs to your PC remotely from our office, eliminating the need for travel and reducing emissions and client costs. We also conduct meetings and other communications over digital platforms such as Skype where possible to help reduce the need for travel.

05Our custom PCʼs are repacked into existing or recycled packaging in order to reduce waste.

06All our Custom PCs use quality parts from reputable suppliers. This prolongs the PCʼs usable life, increases time between upgrades and reduces the IT waste ending up in landfill. This is also true for all parts and consumables which are offered in our online shop.

07We offer less power hungry parts and components. These are utilised in the design of our Custom PCs wherever possible without impacting on our PCs performance.

08As a Microsoft registered refurbisher we able to give PC and their components a second life, allowing them to be reused and stop them going into landfill.

09Our PC recycling program allow businesses and individuals to donate unwanted PCs and parts in any working order to the program. These will then be, where possible, cleaned, refurbished, reinstalled and distributed through local charities and not for profits to less fortunate families and students giving them access to a computer and meaning less IT waste ends up in landfill.

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