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Removing Quicktime for Windows

Apple Quicktime Apple Quicktime

On April 14th Trend Micro reported an "Urgent Call to Action: Uninstall QuickTime for Windows Today". Since then, the US Government has also issue an advisory recommending the same thing, so one thing is clear: It is probably a good idea to remove QuickTime as soon as you can. But why? As Trend reported, there are multiple "zero day" vulnerabilities1,2 that affect the latest versions of QuickTime, and Apple has flagged that it will end support for QuickTime. This means these vulnerabilities are unlikely to be fixed, meaning that if you leave QuickTime on your machine you leave these holes open. 

A quick caveat: Some users will still require QuickTime for their programs to work. Most notable of these are some Adobe software like Premiere require QuickTime for functionality, so it is wise to perform an inventory of your critical software and double check that these don't require QuickTime to work. The installer is still currently available to reinstall QuickTime as of 26/04/2016, but it may not be there for long.

Removing QuickTime From Windows 7, 8 and 10:

  1. Open Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel on Windows 7 and 10, or from the Start Screen in Windows 8)
  2. Make sure Control Panel is set to Category View (a) and click "Uninstall a Program" (b).
  3. Select QuickTime 7 (a) and click Uninstall (b).
  4. You will be asked for confirmation. Click Yes. You may also have to give administrator permission to continue once more after this also. Done!
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