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Are you looking at expanding?

Need to configure you IT infrastructure or simply having trouble getting things to talk to each other? We can help.

With extensive experience in networking, we can help you streamline your business processes. Tasks such as centralising your file storage, networking printers for greater speed and access and automating time-consuming tasks such as backups and updates can greatly reduce the time needed to manage your IT infrastructure.

We can design your network from the ground up, from cabling to workstations to servers, utilising wired and wireless designs, as well as set up remote office locations, printers and security. We also offer integrated remote monitoring and troubleshooting, and can customise a network and server management plan for your budget, taking the hassle and worry out of your network.

Why choose Imaginarium IT for your network design and support?

01Extensive experience with both Windows and Linux-based server systems

We utilize the best technology for your situation - This gives you maximum reliability and performance.

03We can integrate any of your existing IT infrastructure so long as it is network compatible.

04Networking streamlines your business processes and means faster printing, centralised access to files, automatic backups and updates and less time managing your IT infrastructure.

05Our server management plans and remote monitoring and troubleshooting means if issues arise within your network they can be dealt with before they start to disrupt your day to day operations.

A smooth running network means a more productive office.

If you would like more information, please leave your details and a short message and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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