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PC Case

Today, PC's are ubiquitous, but they are definitely not created equal.

At Imaginarium IT, we believe that a premium-quality machine should not cost the earth, and that you should have access to the latest and greatest technology. That's why our range of machines is constantly evolving.

We deliberately keep our stock levels to a minimum, and continually up-spec our range as new, higher performing, more energy efficient, feature-packed components become available. Why settle for yesterdays technology?

Rather than base our machines on specifications alone, our range is designed to provide solutions to many different types of PC users and their needs. That way, you can be confident that your PC from Imaginarium IT will be the best fit for you.

Have a more specific idea in mind?

We can custom design a machine to your specifications, or to your intended use. With access to an enormous range of parts and accessories, you can be sure your custom built machine will not only have premium performance but will designed specifically to meet your needs and therefore handle whatever you can throw at it.

Why buy a PC from Imaginarium IT?

01We use only quality parts - You will not find any generic components here!

02Every component in the machine is backed by at least 12 months warranty.

03Every machine is hand built to exacting standards in our workshop as if it was our own.

04Each machine is thoroughly tested before it leaves the workshop

05Our machines are designed for maximum reliability and performance, not to cut corners for price!

06A Care and Feeding Manual is included with every purchase to help you gain the maximum lifetime from your machine

07For every PC sold, Imaginarium IT plants four Australian native trees to help offset the carbon that will be produced by the PC over it's expected lifetime. See www.carboneutral.com.au for partnership details and further information.

08If you hold a Seniors Card we will offer you 10% OFF the full price of any custom built PC.

09We also offer a repair service, so if there are ever any issues with your PC we will be happy to assist. We provide a digital drop-in One-Click Support service or we can come to you, leaving you confident because we know your PC like no other repairer. After all, we built it.

If you would like more information, please leave your details and a short message and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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