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Red and Grey Gears
Dreaming of streamlining your business processes?
We offer innovative and affordable solutions to complex problems in the form of custom software. Whether you are looking to automate a time-consuming or complex process, allow untrained staff to complete a sepcialist task or streamline your current day to day operations, Imaginarium IT can develop a custom solution for you.

We have helped several businesses realise their potential and increase productivity through software which is designed specifically for their operations. You can review these case studies here.

Already have some custom software which needs to be updated?

Running old code which is slow or crashing on your current operating system? We can convert old code into new programming languages, helping extend the lifetime of your investment ands preparing your business for it's future operations.

See some examples here.

What are the advantages of using Imaginarium IT to forge your custom software?

01We use new-generation programming languages and tools to help maximum your investment's useable lifetime

02All our code is signed to verify it's integrity

03Prices are usually charged per-feature, not per-hour

04We design easy-to-use, modern interfaces

05Each program includes a custom installer for easy setup and installation

06We utilise direct back-to-base reporting of unexpected circumstances, so if there is an issue, we will be able to review the issue ASAP.

07We aim for performance conscious code and low resource usage meaning a faster, more streamlined program.

If you would like more information, please leave your details and a short message and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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